The New Entrance Corner

There is good news for all the viewers, Entrance Corner website had a complete transformation recently, from being an information-based website it has become your one-stop place for your complete examination journey starting from information about all the exams held in India to the guidance for the complete preparation of that exam. Now “Entrance Corner” will truly live up to its slogan “to inform, guide, educate and empower students”.


Information about exams will cover all domains be it engineering, B-School, Medicine, law or all competitive government exam. Information has been put in a very user-friendly manner by dividing the whole examination cycle into various phases, starting from Application Process to Admission Process. The complete examination cycle has been put in the chronological form along with its dates. For ex: Next to Admit Card will be shown the actual date or its tentative date. This will reduce your effort of constantly having to search the dates of the upcoming phases of the exam


An article has been written on every phase of the examination which will consist of every possible information you are looking for that particular phase which will eventually clear all the doubts you had in your mind. There are four major pages, the home page will tell you about the trending exam of the month and also the upcoming exams. The exam list page will show you all the exams list of that particular domain and then is the Calendar page which shows you the timeline of the examination process in a chronological order and fourth is the article page which is the elaborate illustration about that particular phase of the exam, at the bottom is also shown all the related articles which have been meticulously written by our Content Team who always have great insights about every aspect of the exam.

A snapshot of Home Page


A snapshot of Calendar Page

Coming to the Preparation bit, it has mock tests which will cover all the exams, we have already started with NEET-2018 and IIT JEE-2018. The mock test will give the feel of the actual exam before the actual exam and will also give you an in depth analysis of your performance in the test. The test is linked with two tools namely prepmeter and rank predictor. Prepmeter shows
you your preparation level in terms of percentage on basis of your performance and rank predictor tells you your probable rank in the main examination. Going forward we will also have chapter wise study material which will be followed by a quick quiz and there will also be complete revision notes, including important formulas.

We have also changed the Logo to match with our new mantra from being one in the crowd to being the one soaring high by cracking the competitive exam of your choice.

Old Logo

New Logo

We are looking forward to adding many more new features in the upcoming days. Through this Blog we will keep you posted about all the new developments at the new Entrance Corner.